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About Football INDEX

BetIndex Ltd have launched the world's first football stock market, Football INDEX, where traders can buy and sell shares in professional footballers with real money.

The UK licensed gambling platform provides customers with an exciting alternative to the traditional and overly crowded sports betting markets. The first of its kind, Football INDEX is revolutionary in offering customers a chance to bet on the future success of football players, rather than gambling on the short-lived outcome of football matches.
The platform operates with all the characteristics of a stock market, with traders buying units of footballers (known as 'Futures'), building their football portfolios and trying to sell at a profit.

As well as trading footballers for profit, customers have the chance of multiple 'wins' from a single bet. Football INDEX’s daily Buzz Chart is UK media monitor determines the trending footballer in the news each day. Any traders holding futures in the trending footballer will receive a dividend payout per future held.

About BetIndex Ltd

BetIndex Limited, is a privately owned Jersey based gambling operator established in 2015. Both the UK Gambling Commission and Jersey Gambling Commission have granted operator licenses to the company. BetIndex seeks to challenge the conventional 'event' based outcomes in traditional gambling products e.g. a horse crossing the finishing line, ball in the back of a net, numbers drawn from a hat.